Two Proud Sons



At the tender age of 8, Parker knew he wanted to be Perry Mason - now, decades later, he's a practicing Super Lawyer in Seattle and an avid Mariners and Seahawks fan.  He's a Harvard Alum and former editor of the UT Law Review.  His mother and his son are also grads of UT Law.


At the tender age of 6, Gabriel knew he wanted to be a filmmaker - now decades later his resume includes teaching, writing, directing, producing, acting, editing, etc., in the film industry.   He's a UT Alum and Texas Ex Life Member.  He enjoys painting, wood-working, and pastels.


Both Parker and Gabriel inherited the art gene from their mother and father. Photography and writing are still very much with them. 

Collaborating on their first Design/Build under the name Baker-Folse gives them the opportunity to work together and combine their individual talents and experiences.

The Matriarch

Back in the '30s, 3-year-old Marlee Baker, their mother, appears in a photograph standing between her parents, Paul and Lille Lee Baker in the lobby of La Fonda.  Marlee introduced her sons to Santa Fe, the land which held a special meaning for her.