Litsa and Gabriel


A Love Affair - with Santa Fe

It's hard not to fall in love with Santa Fe. This parcel of  land, the arroyo, the pinion pine, and foremost the tranquility of the site was the true definition of Enchantment. 

A Private Compound

The neighborhood is a surprise - only 4 minutes from The Plaza - nestled amongst mature pines and junipers on a quiet, unpaved road. Once the original home, built in 1947, was removed, the site revealed itself and all of its potential.


The beautiful arroyo on the east side sets the stage for an original and artistic floorpan, making the most of Santa Fe's indoor-outdoor lifestyle.  

Combined Creativity

Gabriel's original vision of a soft, contemporary "Santa Fe Style" with its soothing palette and old-school rustic touch merged with Litsa's pragmatic ideas on flow and functionality.

We are not licensed designers, as we came to this field from other professions, but our results speak for themselves. We created the concept, scale, colors, floorpan, immersed ourselves in the smallest details, and sought the advice of our builders, our architects, and our vendors to help achieve our dream.  In the discussions came ideas, some rejected, some implemented, and we also took ideas from the marketplace. Since this is a spec home, we were not basing our decisions on requested items, we had to make some decisions on the demographic of prospective owners.

In designing  the landscape plan,  we educated ourselves on the plants and the code requirements, then selected each plant  and tree, for 20 planting zones. We  fell in love with gorgeous stones at a supplier in Santa Fe. We selected  each boulder for scale and appearance, 59 in all, which were then craned into position. Then came outdoor  lighting fixtures and plotting placement for effect.  There is a stone known as 'Moss Rock'  that we also love, and so chose them for planting beds, driveway entries, and custom built culverts.  Each of the landscape elements also are a part of the water harvesting plan. Xeriscape plants, reclaimed water drip systems, runoff, and snow melt all factor into the overall plan.

Then we wanted to provide our take on furnishings. Traveling to five cities and finding rustic elegant pieces for each  room was in preparation for showing and photographing this grand home!

We took such pleasure in shooting the photographs and made our own video for marketing purposes, which can all be seen on this website.  In fact, currently there are almost 1000 photos on this site of the build, the finished home, the landscaping, and the furniture.

So, when asked what we do - we say - "we love to create beauty".  It takes a team of people and we are grateful to our team. We could not have done this on our own. We've been told we are "trendsetters". Our feeling is that we followed a vision. Along the way we learned, grew, gained confidence, and remained  in love with the land,  the home, and each other. And this is what people have commented on when seeing the home in person. "You can feel this home was built with love."