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The Old Structure Demolished


Tons and tons of clean concrete, nine twenty-five cubic yard bins of metal, three thirty-five cubic yards of wood materials, one thirty-five cubic yard bin of green waste, and two thirty-five cubic yard bins of landfill; all toxic ballast lights were separately recycled.


A dilapidated baby grand piano was claimed by a restoration company in Albuquerque. An assortment of old sinks, doors, and unique items, like a fire extinguisher, and unused disposal, new in the box dated 1955, all found homes with collectors. Massive pine floor joists were salvaged and repurposed and now can seen in all of the man gates of the Main House.

A Land In Need of Love

The lovely arroyo was in need of dead tree and limb removal, and entirely new water harvesting. There were places on the land where no native grasses had grown.

Major Site Prep

It took a month of detail work to prep the house for demolition, then nine days of removal and grading to get a clean lot.

A Love of Trees

This is a site of old pinon and juniper. Privacy and preservation were primary considerations in saving as many trees as we could. Trees that had to be removed were cut and stored on the land. Eighteen trees were lost either due to main tap roots being severed when underground lines were laid, or to allow for the slabs to be poured. Some trees were saved by hand digging around and under the tap root of pinons. Ten new trees were planted when construction was finished.

The Next Generation

Now the land has been sown with five different native grasses, water has been diverted, stored in cisterns, reused, and redirected to continue the beauty of the arroyo for many generations to come.

Demo and Site Prep

Making way for the New