2019 Award Winning Home

Baker-Folse Creative

Awards continued

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The Baker-Folse Difference


Unique Design

Gabriel and Litsa create One-of-a-Kind living spaces. 

The Indescribable Quality

Inside "Casa de Lavanda" you find your bliss. People have been moved to tears, stand in awe, and marvel at their own reaction to this space. Photographs cannot convey what happens when you spend a little time in this magical home.

A Mind's Eye - A Joyous Expression

Gabriel's vision of 2' s 2' columns and "eyebrow" arches, massive beams, and nuanced achievement of his "soft Santa Fe" palette are acknowledged as trendsetting. Gabriel and Litsa together bring their love of life and of Christ, and of each other, their family, and of Santa Fe, to an expression that originates from joy and ends in gratitude. 

Litsa's Harmony of Scale

Litsa found and placed rustic, authentically old pieces next to the modern, the unique, the soft, the sublime, and unified them in color, and tone, opposed them in texture, and selected them for the changing spaces of Casa de Lavanda.

On The Horizon

Stay tuned for the next chapter in Gabriel and Litsa's ongoing adventure in design and collaboration!


As a major footnote: Litsa designed the landscaping and Gabriel and Litsa placed every plant, boulder, and lighting fixture for a refined and sophisticated unified exterior. Lush green lawn, xeriscaped courtyards, water features, and our namesake 'lavender' are found around our gated and private 1.7 acre compound. Sit, touch, breath it in. Like the hummingbirds on our pink yucca, return to your favorite spot or make Casa de Lavanda your new dream home.