208 Landscape


Extensive Landscaping

20 planting zones combine xeriscape plants, a blend of feather grasses, yuccas, sage, meadow grasses, lots of lavender and lush Austrian Pine, Cypress, and native piñon. We have christened 208 as "Casa de Lavanda" because of the extensive lavender plantings.

Stone Features, Hardscaping, and Landscape Lighting

Tens of thousands of pounds of stone were individually numbered, craned into their resting places and framed with trees and grasses. Hand chipped moss rock dry-fit borders enclose the planters and gravel driveway.

Fountains and Pathways

An interior open air courtyard with a magnificent 300 year-old French olive pot fountain. A north courtyard modern waterfall fountain flanked by pampas grass, feather grass, and lavender. And lastly a 24 foot long cascading waterfall surrounded by piñon, boulders, and grasses, which lies beside the workshop and can be seen and heard from the Living Room Portal.